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Anti-corruption, well-being and child protection platform

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Anti-corruption, well-being and child protection platform

Corruption, pressure at work, or bullying at school – this affects everyone. More than that, it is not always easy to raise concerns about such issues face-to-face. With FaceUp, you have the opportunity to deal with these issues, safely and efficiently. You can talk about these issues, or allow reporters to raise ideas for improvements. Anonymously, online, and most importantly, securely. Whether physical or virtual, at FaceUp we believe that both schools and companies should be a place of security, trust and safety for all.

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FaceUp ensures complete anonymity for the sender, leaving the decision to disclose their identity up to them. The senders can state their names in the report should they choose to.

Customizable reporting form

Thanks to a safe form, anyone can open up. This way, issues will get to you, even those that colleagues may sometimes rather keep to themselves. You can customize the form to suit your corporate culture. You can change the text, logo and also add your own categories.

Support for Companies

Mental health training, support and complimentary resources at hand for your administrators as well as employees. You can also count on us with ongoing psychological support.

Support for Schools

We feel it is so important to provide constant support to our teachers and schools. We run workshops and training sessions in order to help every teacher understand the mental health of all South African children. It is our view that teachers are the first aid when it comes to the mental health of learners and we therefore need to support the teachers who can create these safe spaces for learners to ask for help if they are struggling.

Covid-19 Compliance

The Government has implemented various alert levels post-lockdown, and with that, promulgated regulations for compliance. Businesses failing to adhere to these regulations risk being censured in terms of the provisions of OHSACT and The Disaster Management Act.

Legal Compliance

The Protected Disclosures Act (5/2017) imposes an obligation on every employer, employee and other class of worker to report any criminal or other irregular conduct occurring in their places of employment. Employers are obligated to implement protective measures in the workplace to ensure that the interests of reporters of misconduct are not compromised in any manner.

Third party access

If you work directly with third-parties to assist on certain cases, now they have have specific access to reports for these instances on the platform.

Extra Services

Schools and companies can take advantage of consultancy provided by verified external organisations who have partnered with FaceUp to bring change to South Africa.

Numbers you need to see

27 %

of employees reported having been bullied over the previous 6 months

45 %

of all fraud and illegal behavior in companies is detected by whistleblowers

28 %

of employees have no idea who to tell if they encounter corruption


of teens are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and sadness

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